Why Simulation Environment Learning?

As demand for clinical placements increases, we need to look at innovative and affordable ways to deliver clinical training. Simulation learning can provide a realistic and flexible alternative to traditional training and reduce the strain on clinical training providers.

Program Highlights:

The Simulated Learning Environment (SLE) program in collaboration with the ACT Region ICTN developed the online lending library that enable member organisations to search and borrow simulation equipment, members are further supported with both technical and education support provided through the SLE program.

Further to the lending library and support the SLE program is able to deliver and pick up booked equipment through the use of the SLE van.

The latest addition to the SLE tool kit is the lending library app, where members can download the ICTN mobile app to request simulation equipment, report session hours or search related forum pages.

Simulated Learning Training

The SLE Team is committed to supporting and conducting simulation training across the ACT. All training is free of charge and is open to any participants within the ACT Region which provide training to entry level healthcare professionals.

All training is advertised on the website and will be in the form of an expression of interest (EOI). See the EOI standard operating procedure (SOP) for further information on the process of participant selection.

Some equipment has mandatory pre-requisite training due to the technical nature of the equipment and cost. To find out what equipment has pre-requisite training – see the pre-requisite training icon for individual pieces of equipment within the SLE Equipment Lending Library.

See events calendar for courses available.


SLE Terms of Reference
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SLE EMG Activity Report
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