MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) involves the use of silicone props, including masks, torsos, hands and feet in an innovative high fidelity simulation technique . The props are worn over the informed educator to mask them. The hidden educator then transforms into a character/ person with a history which is relevant to the learning experience.

KRS stands for knowledgeable, realistic and spontaneous simulation.

MASK-ED™ was developed at Central Queensland University (CQU)  by Professor Kerry Reid Searl, the Assistant Dean of Simulation.  This method of teaching was initially developed to teach undergraduate nursing students.  The KRS stands for Knowledgeable, Realistic and Spontaneous simulation.

The Mask-ED™ CoP is a professional group with the shared interest of promoting excellence in quality education that includes Mask-ED™ as a simulated learning method for clinical education. Membership is open to ACT Region ICTN members with an active interest in the use of Mask-ED™ . The CoP group meets quarterly to discuss and share current projects, consider research opportunities, provide peer feedback on character profile and coordinate mutual collaborative opportunities within the ACT Region ICTN simulation community.

This multidisciplinary and inter-organisational approach is considered the best approach to enable delivery of quality this specialised simulation education approach. In addition the sharing of learning experiences among educators (including clinicians and lecturers) that increases student centred learning activities and related knowledge acquisition is the impetus for this forum meeting and supporting ongoing Mask-Ed educational opportunities that encompass peer and external training and support.

For more information about the CoP or to request information regarding training opportunities please contact:

Louise Botha

Phone 02 62078904




Mask-Ed CoP Members
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Optimized-Mask ed -Advanced

The first Community of Practice meeting 2014

“Marjorie” and “Jock” visit HAL(TM) in hospital


Dr. meets “Julie” in an education session

Joyce 2013 Photo 10

“Joyce” assists Physiotherapy students in their learning