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The Australian Capital Territory Region Integrated Clinical Training Network (ICTN) is a network of partner organisations including higher education providers, health service providers from public, private, aged care and non-government health service sectors across the region. The Network provides a forum for strategic planning, coordination and dialogue between the partner organisations.

The ACT Region ICTN was formed to facilitate activities associated with increasing health care student training capacity within the ACT Southern NSW and Murrumbidgee Local Health Districts.

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  • Recent presentations to clinical staff about simulation in healthcare

    @Louise_B wrote: Recently presentations were given to healthcare staff regarding using simulations in the workplace.To see the presentations go to the "news" bannerClick here If you would like to discuss implementing simulated learning activities email me- louise.botha@act.gov.au Simulation in Healthcare- Research and professional development forum

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  • Mask Ed KRS Training available

    @Louise_B wrote: ACT region is offering funding for a small number of educators to be trianed in the use of Mask Ed simulation MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) is an innovative high fidelity simulation technique which involves the use of silicone props, including masks, torsos, hands and feet. The props are worn over the informed educator to mask them. The hidden e

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  • Clinical Supervision survey 2015

    @Brett_McRitchie wrote: We are live collecting data from clinical supervisors in the ACT Region. If you would like to complete the survey please access it via this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MDN7T8V if you would like to provide any feedback please leave a comment below. Regards, Brett McRitchieACT CSSP Lead Posts: 2 Participants: 1 Read full topic

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  • Moulage training in the ACT

    @Louise_B wrote: The recent Moulage training session held at the clinical skills centre at ANU ( Canberra) on 4th and 5th August 2015 Participants learned a number of skills to assist with creating realistic simulations including: Medical conditions Wounds Fractures Gunshots Burns The training was delivered by Chris Laursen from Tactical Emergency And Medica

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